ARNOLD MK1 Compact

Effortless & Portable

The Arnie Compact, it's uplifting!

 The Arnold MK1 was originally designed to lift concrete service trench lids because of the difficulties and health and safety issues in lifting them by hand.  Over time we realised that with experimenting with different keys we could lift manhole lids, service lids, in-fact anything that was in the ground and had a key socket.

The Arnold MK1 Compact came about through the need for developing something that was as strong and as robust as the Arnold MK1 yet could be handled easier when in its storage mode. The Arnold MK1 Compact has become more easily transportable and fits comfortably into the back of a car, and taking up less space in the back of a van etc.

" A versatile lifting aid designed to allow a single person to safely remove and replace
a variety of Manhole, Duct and Trench cover lids.
It has a safe working load of 125kg "

The Arnold MK1 Compact is a lighter and smaller version of than the  Arnold MK1, but does everything the same with ease, efficiency and safely.

Arnold MK1 Compact with H-Frame
Arnold Lifters

Sleek, compact and so effortless to use. The Arnie has all the muscle you need to get the job done, and with the keys to succeed, no lids are too tough.

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ARNOLD MK1 Compact

Features & Benefits

It's Compact

The Arnold MK1 Compact is compact enough to go in the back of a car or van, without compromising its strength.

In Motion

The wheels are 260mm diameter. The pneumatic tyres allow the device to travel across any surface. It can also be carried around as it only weights 20kg.


Complies with Health and Safety. - RAMS can be produced with accuracy, as lifting without the Arnold MK1 Compact RAMS are difficult to get right.

Saves Money

Using the Arnold MK1 
Compact in a one-person operation where most manholes require at least two people to lift them you'll save money and manpower.

Arnold MK1 Compact

Lifting the lid on safety 
with its effortless 
ease of use.

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